Satkhira Housing Society

To carry on the business of Housing, Real Estate, Builders, Erects Engineers structural and Architecture designers and consulting, contractors, civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers and consultants undertaking to execute, contracts, to design, plan, build, fabricate, maintain, develop, improve work dockyards, Sea ports, Air ports, gas works reservoirs electric company, heat and light supply works, telephone works, stores and other like works and to contribute or otherwise assist or take part in the construction, maintenance development, working and management thereof.

To carry on the business of construction, buyer, seller of flats, plots, housing, apartments, lands, building and the business, real estate, land developers, engineers, architects contractors.


Land Sales:

Shah Makdum Avenue, Uttara. Contact- 028189818, 01728566809

Land & Flat:

Nayapaltan, Contact- +88 02 8189819, 01728566809

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