Satkhira Consultancy Services

To offer fee-based Consultancy & Advisory services and to act as intermediary for obtaining services, develop training course and to serve as a source of training to develop the capacity and experience of Bangladeshi consulting firms.

PRIVATE COMPANY (Companies Act, 1994)

a.?Pre-Registration Activities:
1. NC (Name Clearance)-

b. Registration Activities:
1. Office Address-
2. Authorized Capital (Depend on Gov. Fess)-
3. Paid up Capital (Depend on  Tax File)-
4. Business Objects-

For MOA & Form- I, VI, IX, X & XII
1. NID Photo Copy-
2. TIN Certificate Photo Copy-
3. Mobile No-
4. e-Mail Address-
5. Designation-
6. Occupation-
7. Shares Quantity-
8. Nationality-

c. Post-Registration Activities
1. Incorporation.
2. MOA & AOA Certified Copy.
3. Form XII (Particulars of Directors).

Hotline- +88 01728 566 809

PUBLIC COMPANY (Companies Act, 1994)
Same as private (on call- +880 1728 566 809)


Society (Societies Act, 1860)

a. Pre-Registration Activities:
1. NC (Name Clearance)-

b. Registration Activities:
1. Office Address-
2. Total Member-
3. Executive Member & Designation-
4. Social Objects-

For MOA & Form- I
1. NID Photo Copy-
2. Mobile No-
3.  e-Mail Address-
4. Designation-
5. Occupation-
6. Designation-
7. Nationality- 

c. NSI Letter

d. Post-Registration Activities
1. Incorporation.
2. MOA & AOA Certified Copy.

Hotline- +88 01728 566 809

FOREIGN COMPANY (Companies Act, 1994)
a. Form XXXVI – Charter or Statutes or Memorandum and Articles of the Company or Other Instrument Constituting or Defining the Constitution of the Company.
b. Form XXXVII – Notice of the Address of the Registered or Principal Office of the Company.
c. Form XXXVIII – List of Directors and Managers [Section 379].
d. Form XXXIX – Return of Persons Authorized to Accept Service [Section 379].
e. Form XLII – Notice of Situation of the Principal Place of Business in Bangladesh or of any Change therein [Section 379 (I)]
f. Encasement Certificate Obtained From any Scheduled Bank.
g. Permission from Board of Investment of Bangladesh.
h. Embassy certified copy. 

TRADE ORGANIZATION (Companies Act, 1994)
a. Memorandum and Articles of Association, original + 2 copies.
b. Form I – Declaration on Registration of Company [Section 25].
c. Form VI – Notice of Situation of Registered Office and of any Change therein [Section 77].
d. Form IX – Consent of Director to act [Section 92].
e. Form X – List of Persons Consenting to be Directors [Section 92].
f. Form XII – Particulars of the Directors, Manager and Managing Agents and of any change therein [Section 115].
g. Government License (Trade License from the Ministry of Commerce).
h. Evidence of Name Clearance.
i. Special adhesive stamps and Treasury Challan from Bangladesh Bank to Treasury (photocopy) of Collecting the Stamps.

PARTNERSHIP FIRM (Partnership Act, 1932)
a. FORM- I – Statement Containing the Particulars of the Firm for Registration.
b. Deed of Agreement on Partnership. (Stamp- tk. 2000)

Hotline- +88 01728 566 809